AAE Arizona Cup
Phoenix, Arizona USA
  CLASSIFICATION SCHEDULE (as of March 26, 2015)

Para Archery World Ranking Event:

1.     World Archery (WA) classified para-archers are invited to take part in the Para World Ranking Event Matches at the 2015 AAE Arizona Cup on Sunday, April 12, 2015.

2.     The AAE Arizona Cup registration fee of $195 includes the activities on April 7 - 11, 2015. Para archers must register and pay for the Arizona Cup tournament to qualify and compete in the Para Archery World Ranking Event.

3.     A Para WRE match play session is scheduled for Sunday, April 12, 2015. An additional $35 tournament fee is required to participate in the PARA WRE match play session. 

4.     You must have been classified after November 2013 per World Archery rules to compete in the Para WRE match play session. Please bring your international classification card.

5.     Classification is available upon request only. You must let us know before Jan. 15, 2015 if you need to be assessed by classifiers, so arrangements can be made to bring in WA classifiers. Unless requested, there will be no classification hub. Contact the tournament at admin@arizonacup.com prior to Jan. 15, 2015

6.     Para-archery categories per World Archery Book 3, Chapter 21:

a.     Men

                          i.    CMO-Compound open (50M)

                         ii.    RMO-Recurve open (70M)

b.    Women

                          i.    CWO-Compound open (50M)

                         ii.    RWO-Recurve open (70M)

c.     W1 Open: Men and Women combined (50M)

d.    VI: Men and Women combined (30M)

7.     Qualification takes place during the 2015 AAE Arizona Cup qualification round:

8.     Para-archery world ranking individual elimination matches:

a.     Individual match play for para categories with (4) four or more eligible para-archers is scheduled for Sunday, April 12, 2015.

b.    Match shooting format (simultaneous or alternating) will be determined by the tournament.  Mixed Team rounds are at the discretion of the tournament depending on actual registration.

9.     Special conditions:

a.     Para-archer shall provide their own archers agents (to score and pull and retrieve arrows as necessary).

b.    All para-archer shooting line spaces are 1 meter wide (in lieu of 1.25 meters). 

c.     Please inform the tournament at time of online registration payment if more than 1 meter is desired for the para archer participation.  The tournament cannot guarantee additional space.

d.    Qualification round is a two wave shooting sequence.  AB-CD, CD-AB… 

                          i.     Inform the tournament at time of online registration payment if the para- archer is able to leave the line at each wave or remains on the shooting line.

10.  General:

a.     Participants are responsible for ground transportation.  The tournament does not provide ground transportation.

b.    Tournament hotel has limited wheel chair accessible rooms.  Reserve as soon as possible.

11.  Para-archers who utilize WA compliant able bodied type compound or recurve bow and arrow equipment during qualification may compete in the 2015 AAE Arizona Cup combined ranked able-bodied elimination rounds and team rounds.